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"Everything started with an idea of change"

Everything started during a cold December night in 2015. After a conversation between Michelangelo and Hashin, they quickly figured out they both had the same ambitions in life. When the thought crossed their mind on creating a brand together, they figured out that one piece of the puzzle was missing. The duo turned into a trio, and Liban was introduced to the brand. Their goal; to live life on their premises.

They started right away imagining how this dream could turn into a reality. Winter turned into summer, and they were working night and day to accomplish this bald dream. This lead to the creation of the brand Trop Origins.

Hundreds upon hundreds of hours passed before they saw any results. They launched the first collect shortly after. However, they did not receive the result as they expected.

In April 2017, they launched their new “suede collection” that went viral in Oslo. From there, their dream has turned into reality; to create a brand that represents their origins. Trop Origins, the brand of diversity.

Team Trop

"Happiness is only real when shared"

Our initial goal from the very start was to share this dream of ours with others. From this dream, we created a talented collective from Oslo, known as Team Trop. They represent the brand while expressing their passion and follow our shared vision. Their unique talent enables the brand to grow and produce unique and entraining content.

Since then, our family has only kept growing- follow our journey and feel welcomed to our spontaneous and adventurous family.


"Trop Origins, creating a belonging to your origins"

Trop Origins was founded in 2016 by three friends. The Norwegian brand has become a recognized streetwear brand in the city of Oslo.

The brand is inspired by the roots of Oslo, its diversity, and the founder’s unique cultural upbringing. Our mission; to promote individuality, where people come from and what they can bring to the world. In one word: their origins.

We want to entertain youth and inspire them to pursue their talent exactly how we did when starting our brand. We develop a lifestyle brand for passionate people who are in search to express their roots and uniqueness to the world.


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