"Everything started with an idea of change"

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that an idea can turn into a physical product. Like everything beautiful in life, our journey started with an idea. After many sleepless nights and hundreds of hours of work, we turned our idea into reality. Our dream was to create a clothing brand that represented our origins, the city of Oslo. We are now grateful and more than proud to present our summer collection to the city of Oslo.

Team Trop

“Happiness is only real when shared”

Why be alone on this beautiful journey? We have therefore gathered Oslo’s greatest talents to represent Trop and be a part of our brand. Team Trop includes ambitious youngsters who are bored of the status-quo and who strives for greatness and content creation. Follow our journey and feel welcomed as a new member of our ambitious family.

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Trop Origins

“Trop Origins, the brand of freedom and diversity”

This will be the beginning of your journey to express your urban style. This is what Trop Origins is striving to achieve in their clothing designs. Our mission is to create a new wave of streetwear that has not been seen in the streets of Oslo. This is the Trop philosophy!

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